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Lonsec Managed Portfolios & SMAs

Lonsec Investment Solutions is a specialist portfolio manager harnessing Lonsec’s long standing knowledge and expertise in portfolio construction, encapsulating our best ideas.

Lonsec offers a range of diversified managed portfolios to cater for a variety of client types, from accumulators and retirees to SMSF investors. Our portfolios include multi-asset, dynamic asset allocation (DAA) driven diversified strategies providing a range of different exposures depending on your investment objectives, investing in either direct securities or managed funds.

Our Separately Managed Accounts (SMAs) provide a range of single sector solutions investing in listed Australian equities.

The Lonsec managed portfolios have provided efficient and transparent portfolios that enable our clients to clearly understand what investments they own. They enable us as advisers to provide informed and detailed discussion about known investments.

- Peter Hastie - Stinson Hastie & Co

Lonsec SMAs

Our SMAs provide a range of portfolio solutions investing in listed Australian equities.

Core Portfolio

An active, concentrated, low-turnover strategy focused on quality Australian large cap shares with a balance between growth and income.

Income Portfolio

Active, concentrated , low-turnover strategy focused on quality yield generating shares with high levels of franking

Managed Portfolios

Our managed portfolios are multi-sector diversified portfolios investing in a variety of high quality assets. The portfolios target a variety of client types including the accumulators through to retirees, based on specific investment goals.

Lonsec Multi-Asset Managed Portfolios

Active, diversified portfolios incorporating Lonsec’s dynamic asset allocation and designed to provide capital growth and income over the medium to long term through exposure across a range of asset classes and investment vehicles, including traditional and alternative assets, listed or unlisted.

Lonsec Listed Managed Portfolios

Diversified portfolios incorporating Lonsec’s dynamic asset allocation, investing largely in a mix of direct equities across a range of Australian shares, international shares, property and infrastructure, fixed interest and alternative assets, as well as listed securities including Exchange Traded Funds (ETFs).

Lonsec Retirement Managed Portfolios

Diversified portfolios aiming to achieve attractive and sustainable income and designed to mitigate risk, such as capital drawdown risk, which can materially impact the longevity of a retirement portfolio, particularly in the early stages of transitioning from superannuation to pension phase.

Why our managed portfolios?

Research driven managed accounts

Our managed portfolios harness our established investment research platform with coverage across listed and unlisted investment products.

Long term track record

delivering high quality model portfolios and achieving portfolio outcomes aligned to our investment philosophy.

Rigorous governance process

With a strong risk focus, we have a well-established governance process supported by our formal investment committee and review processes.

Well-resourced and experienced

Experienced in investment research and supported by one of Australia’s largest investment research and investment consultant teams.

Tailored and flexible solutions

Leveraging our experience in portfolio construction, we help you develop bespoke managed account solutions, tailored to you and your client’s needs.

Best ideas portfolio construction

Access our extensive portfolio construction expertise via our dynamic portfolio construction approach to asset allocation and fund manager selection. We apply a rigorous quality criteria ensuring we only include our “best ideas”.