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Lonsec SMA portfolios

Lonsec Investment Solutions is a specialist managed account model manager harnessing the long standing Lonsec model portfolios.

Lonsec offers a range of SMA portfolios to cater for a variety of client types, from accumulators and retirees to SMSF investors. Our portfolios include single sector strategies through to multi-asset diversified strategies investing in either direct securities or managed funds.

The Lonsec SMA’s have provided efficient and transparent portfolios that enable our clients to clearly understand what investments they own. They enable us as advisers to provide informed and detailed discussion about known investments.

- Peter Hastie - Stinson Hastie & Co

Listed managed portfolios

Our listed SMA provide a range of portfolio solutions investing in listed securities including Australian equities sector portfolios and diversified portfolios.

Core Portfolio

An active, concentrated, low-turnover strategy focused on quality Australian large cap shares with a balance between growth and income.

Income Portfolio

Active, concentrated , low-turnover strategy focused on quality yield generating shares with high levels of franking

Emerging Leaders

An active Australian smaller companies strategy focused on generating long-term growth.


A range of low cost diversified portfolios aligned to Lonsec’s strategic asset allocation process across a variety of risk profiles investing largely in a mix of direct equities and ETFs.

Managed fund SMAs

Our managed fund model portfolios investment are multi-sector diversified portfolios investing in a range of high quality managed funds. The portfolios target a variety of client types including the accumulators through to retirees.

Managed Portfolios

Active, diversified portfolios aligned to Lonsec’s strategic asset allocation framework investing in traditional assets.

Managed Portfolios – Elite

Active, diversified portfolios aligned to Lonsec’s strategic asset allocation framework incorporating alternative assets.

Retirement Managed Portfolios

Diversified, objectives-based portfolios focused on generating income and growth, as well as managing risks associated with the drawdown phase.

Why our managed portfolios?

Proven track record

Our portfolios are underpinned by over 20 years of experience conducting investment product research and constructing portfolios that outperform their benchmark.

Established governance framework

Our portfolios are supported by extensive research, with investment decisions backed by our formal investment committee and review processes.

Investment product selection

By utilising our model portfolios, you gain exposure to our investment product selection expertise, which targets the highest-quality fund managers and ensures your investment offering is fit for purpose.