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Lonsec   ⟩   Investment Consulting

About Us

Lonsec’s investment consulting service leverages the depth and breadth of our investment product research to provide high-quality investment advice and solutions tailored to your needs. With one of the largest investment consulting teams in Australia, we combine high-conviction insights with our extensive portfolio construction expertise to help you deliver your investment objectives.

Our goal is to give you greater confidence in your investment process, from the asset allocation decision right through to security selection and investment committee governance.

Our investment philosophy and process

Diversified portfolio approach across asset classes and investment strategies.

Strong focus on risk management (both qualitative and quantitative).

Rigorous fundamental analysis combined with quantitative models tested through a range of market conditions.

We offer a bespoke investment consulting service tailored to individual requirements. Our focus on building real relationships with our clients and offering access to our manager selection and portfolio construction expertise.

- Veronica Klaus, Head of Investment Consulting

Our Services

Model portfolios

Easily implement tailored, institutional grade portfolios based on our extensive managed funds research. Leverage our core managed fund portfolios as well as specialised, objectives-based retirement solutions with a focus on liability matching.

Investment committee participation

Optimise your investment decision-making with specialised asset allocation and portfolio construction expertise. Gain greater confidence in your investment process with fresh perspectives and the full backing of Lonsec’s investment research.

APL construction

Leverage Lonsec Research’s expansive investment product coverage to take advantage of the full depth of the product universe. Create a high-quality APL based on different investment styles and goals, including retirement-specific APLs for yield, capital growth and risk control objectives.

Capability reviews

We partner with you to create a personalised solution that aligns to your needs. Our position at the nexus of Australia’s financial advice and investment industry enables us to provide practical insights that add real value to your investment and advice solutions.

Lonsec Retire

Lonsec Retire is a one-stop-shop for your retirement and objectives-based investment capabilities. We partner with global fund managers and actuary Milliman to bring you the latest innovations and insights.

Gain a global perspective of the industry and stay up-to-date with the latest innovations.

Access our retirement model portfolios and APLs from a single, convenient source.

Receive regular insights and perspectives from our consulting team and partners.

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