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Lonsec Investment Solutions provides financial advisers, dealer groups, and institutions with access to the knowledge and expertise to construct high quality portfolios, with our best ideas encapsulated in a series of Lonsec managed portfolios and SMAs to meet different client needs.


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Lonsec Investment Solutions

Lonsec Investment Solutions Pty Ltd (Lonsec) is a specialist model portfolio manager with extensive expertise in portfolio construction, asset allocation and investment selection, with our best ideas encapsulated in a series of Lonsec managed portfolios to meet different client needs.

Drawing on Lonsec’s in-depth investment product research, our portfolios invest in managed funds and listed structures, such as Exchange Traded Funds (ETFs), that are rated Recommended and higher.

What are managed portfolios?

A managed portfolio is an investment scheme managed by a professional investment manager, such as Lonsec, on an investor’s behalf. The investment managers responsible for the investment decisions relating to the portfolio including the underlying investments held within the portfolio, as well as the portfolio weights and portfolio rebalancing.

The issuer of a managed portfolio is typically a platform provider. Managed portfolios on platforms are overseen by an appointed responsible entity (RE) or superannuation trustee.

Why managed portfolios?

Managed portfolios have seen a considerable rise in popularity and are rapidly becoming the investment structure of choice for many financial advisers.

A managed portfolio provides access to a single-asset class or diversified portfolio overseen by investment professionals, with all the benefits of research, implementation and reporting.

Managed portfolios offer a scalable investment solution allowing financial advisers to concentrate on strategic advice, while outsourcing the day to day portfolio management to experienced investment consultants.

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