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Experts in portfolio construction and managed accounts

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Lonsec Managed Portfolios & Separately Managed Accounts

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Build and implement quality managed account portfolios

Lonsec Investment Solutions provides financial advisers, dealer groups, and institutions with access to the knowledge and expertise to construct high quality portfolios, with our best ideas encapsulated in a series of Lonsec managed portfolios and SMAs to meet different client needs.

Drawing on Lonsec’s in-depth investment product research, we also offer an end-to-end, tailored investment solution where we can be the model manager for your managed account solution.

Get Managed Account ready

We help your business navigate the complexities of managed accounts

Our highly experienced team will guide you through the key steps towards implementation

We provide ongoing support to help you engage effectively with your clients

The Lonsec managed portfolios have provided efficient and transparent portfolios that enable our clients to clearly understand what investments they own. They enable us as advisers to provide informed and detailed discussion about known investments.

- Peter Hastie - Stinson Hastie & Co

News & Insights


Lonsec has seen significant growth in its Managed Accounts offering over the last 12 months, as financial ...


In the wake of Facebook’s plummeting share price, there has been much talk of the so-called FAANG shares and ...

29 Apr 2019 - The Fed may have put its tightening plans on ice, but the yield curve is signalling that all may not be well in ...

Ignore the yield curve at your peril

29 Apr 2019 - It’s been an interesting period for risk assets over the past six months. The last quarter of 2018 saw markets ...

Market tail is still wagging

21 Mar 2019 - The market made its view clear at the end of last year: no more rate hikes. As the US Fed threw its tightening ...

Market hopes are still ahead of the Fed

21 Mar 2019 - The Australian equity market reacted positively to the February reporting season, providing a relief rally after ...

How reporting season shaped the market

10 Jan 2019 - 2018 was marked by a notable increase in market volatility and a decline in global economic growth from its ...

Are we late cycle?

8 Jan 2019 - The housing market continues to dominate the headlines in Australia. Housing prices fell 4.8% in 2018 according ...

Australia’s property market falls at fastest rate in decades

3 Dec 2018 - This article is intended for licensed financial advisers only and is not intended for use by retail investors. ...

Portfolio diversification in volatile markets

22 Nov 2018 - While consumer spending continues to propel the US economy, GDP growth slowed in the September quarter, with a ...

The US housing market is sounding concerns for the economy

9 Nov 2018 - The past decade has seen managed accounts transform from a technologically viable but largely unexplored ...

The real cost of delaying portfolio implementation

28 Oct 2018 - For some time, we have flagged that volatility in markets has been subdued, underpinned by a wave of liquidity ...

Echoes of the taper tantrum

5 Oct 2018 - The managed account model is at the centre of a nascent revolution in financial advice. As pressures build on ...

Managed accounts: A perfect solution or a perfect storm?

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Wednesday 22 May (Melbourne)


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12:30pm - 2:00pm

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Lonsec Retire Partner Event – Lazard (Sydney)


Thursday 23 May (Sydney)


Lazard Asset Management
Level 39, 1 Macquarie Place, Sydney NSW 2000


12:30pm - 2:00pm

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Lonsec Managed Portfolios and SMAs

Access a range of managed portfolios and SMAs designed for different client types

Gain exposure to our investment product selection expertise and target the highest-quality managed fund products

Benefit from Lonsec’s extensive research process and established governance framework

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Tailored Managed Account Service

Leverage our portfolio construction expertise to develop your own managed account solutions

Build portfolios that are directly aligned to your requirements

Manage your account portfolios, including switching and rebalancing

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